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The ever growing amount of traffic

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Phew, It has been almost a year since I started hosting my first public service to the internet. I gotta say that it has been quite a year and I have learned a lot. The first service that I started hosting to the masses was SearX, pre-installed from Yunohost. I probably didn’t know enough back […]

Bypassing NVIDIA NVENC transcoding limits

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Since my server came with a GeForce GT 710, I wanted to harvest it’s powers to transcode my media. Sadly, Nvidia puts a limit on how much it can transcode at once. It can only transcode 2 things at once. This is the case on all consumer Nvidia GPUs and I don’t really understand why […]

Hetzner AX41 YABS Benchmark

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I bought a AX41 server from Hetzner a week ago, and my experience with it has been great. I opted for the HDD version, because my sites don’t require fast I/O and I prefer to have bigger storage. My server also came with 2x 6TB HDDs instead of 2x 2TB which was a nice bonus […]

Why I don’t host services that hold user data to the public

Published in Self-hosted.

To put it simply, I don’t want to be responsible for possible data loss that could be my fault or something out of my control. I do host them for myself and people I know so it’s easier to manage and backup existing data, but if there was say a 100 people more, it would […]